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Giving to the Petterson Museum


At the Petterson Museum, we aim to foster appreciative awareness of our common humanity, transcending cultural boundaries and inspiring meaningful connections.  Your generosity and support in the form of donations play a crucial role in helping us fulfill our mission.  All donations made to the Petterson Museum will be used exclusively to support our ongoing efforts to preserve, and exhibit artifacts, as well as develop and implement educational programs. These donations contribute directly to our mission to encourage an understanding and appreciation of human diversity. Please click here for donation form.

Object Donations

The Petterson Museum of Intercultural Art welcomes the donation of objects that will complement and fulfill our current collections. As outlined below, the Museum follows a policy of selective acquisition. Each donation request is thoughtfully considered by the Museum Specialist to determine if the gift is in line with the specific criteria for the acquisition and acceptance of donations, as outlined in the Museum’s Collections Policy; any object accepted into the Museum’s collection should be consistent with the institution’s mission, be relevant, and be properly cared for. For more information and to fill out the submission form click here.

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